HC Deb 12 June 1877 vol 234 cc1637-8

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, If the Resolutions of the Middlesex Court of Quarter Sessions, adopted on Thursday the 26th of April last,— That the establishment of ships at various parts of the country for the training of boys for the sea service, especially for the manning of the Mercantile Marine, having proved highly beneficial for this purpose, and also by providing employment for a number of boys who would otherwise become destitute or criminal, it is desirable that these training ships, now numerically insufficient, should be largely increased in number, or institutions somewhat similar to that at Feltham, in Middlesex, be established in every county in the kingdom; That a representation be made to the Government to the above effect, and, especially, that it is desirable for training purposes to station a ship in. the Thames, opposite the Temple, where she would be likely to attract public attention and relieve the Metropolis of a large class of boys, a class which will annually become more numerous from increase of population alone, and for which there exists at present no adequate employment; That the expense of such training ships should be maintained by payment from parents or friends, or from parishes, or others placing boys on board the training ships, and by a Government grant similar to that now given for boys on board reformatory or industrial training ships; have yet received his personal consideration, and, if so, with what result?


in reply, said, he had received a memorial on the subject, and thought the best course in the first instance was to consult the Admiralty in the matter. The Admiralty had sent him a reply to the effect that they had already five of those ships, and that the whole matter was under their consideration, and that they would communicate with him further in regard to it.