HC Deb 05 June 1877 vol 234 cc1308-9

asked the Financial Secretary to the Admiralty, Whether it is true that Mutiny broke out on beard Her Majesty's Ship "Alexandra" at the Piræus during last week, and that the mutineers damaged the guns of the vessel; and, whether the hon. Gentleman has any information as to the cause of the outbreak, or as to the present state of affairs on beard the ship?


In answer to the hon. Member, I have to say it is not true that a mutiny has broken out on beard Her Majesty's ship Alexandra at the Piræus. The official Report to the Admiralty, dated 23rd of May, states that a case of insubordination had occurred, exhibited by the throwing overboard of certain small articles, such as tangent-sights and pipe whistles, by some person or persons. There was no clue to the offenders given by the ship police or the petty officers, and they have been warned that they will be suspended if there be any recurrence of these proceedings. The acts in question followed on the imposition of some extra drill, ordered in consequence of the negligent performance of duty on the part of the watch and some of the petty officers. No official letter has since been received from the Commander-in-Chief; but a private letter was received yesterday by a Member of the Board, written six days later than the occurrence, in which no allusion is made to the matter, and the writer states that the ship was to sail next day.