HC Deb 31 July 1877 vol 236 cc219-20

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, If any information, and of what character, has been received by the Inspectors of Irish Fisheries from the Admiralty, in reference to the following matter contained in their last Report for 1876, presented to this House on the 27th March 1877:— Being very desirous of obtaining as much information as possible with regard to the manner in which edible fish dispose of their ova, with the permission of the Admiralty we requested the head of the Natural History Department of Her Majesty's Ship 'Challenger' to make certain observations during the expedition of that vessel, with a view of assisting our inquiries. This he kindly consented to do, and at his request we prepared instructions as to the nature of the investigations we desired to have made, and expressed our readiness to assist in the operations in the seas surrounding the United Kingdom. As we have not yet received a report on the subject, we have addressed an inquiry to the Admiralty, and trust shortly to receive the information we so much desire.


I am informed by the Inspectors of Irish Fisheries that the Admiralty stated, in reply to their question, that no Report had been received on the manner in which edible fish dispose of their ova during the progress of this inquiry; and that Sir Wyville Thomson, the chief of the scientific staff, had stated to the Treasury that the staff had no opportunity whatever during the voyage of the Challenger of making observations on the subject.