HC Deb 31 July 1877 vol 236 cc220-1

asked the Vice President of the Committee of the Privy Council, If, seeing that the cattle which is now being imported into London from Schleswig-Holstein is entirely free from disease, he will consider the desirability of granting privileges, similar to those now possessed only by London dealers, to all ports, the authorities of which have, in accordance with the Privy Council regulations, provided "properly defined ports" for the importation and slaughter of live cattle?


The Lords of the Council, while continuing the prohibition against the importation of German cattle, have considered it safe to make an exception in favour of cattle from Schleswig-Holstein, when brought to Deptford under very stringent regulations for slaughter. They can only be brought in specially licensed vessels, and must be accompanied by a declaration, signed by the owner in the presence of the English Vice Consul, and certified by the Prussian Government officials, to the effect that the cattle have been bred and fed exclusively in Denmark, Schleswig, or Holstein, and have not been in contact with other cattle. The Order allowing this traffic between Tonning and Deptford was passed on the 18th of June after much consideration, and the Lord President is not prepared to make any further relaxation in the existing arrangements.