HC Deb 30 July 1877 vol 236 c205

(Mr. Raikes, Lord George Hamilton, The Chancellor of the Exchequer.)


Bill, as amended, considered.


said, he should not oppose the Bill, but he took the opportunity to complain that any new charge should be thrown, as was evidently contemplated, upon the revenues of India, in order to carry out the new Army promotion and retirement scheme of the Secretary of State for War. He asked for information on this point from the Under Secretary of State for India, and wished to know, if an extra charge was to be levied, where the money was to come from? He was afraid it would have to come out of the loan which the House was asked by this Bill to raise.


replied that it was not intended to raise any extra expenditure that might be required for military purposes by borrowing.

Bill to be read the third time Tomorrow.

Notice taken, that 40 Members were not present; House counted, and 40 Members not being present,

House adjourned at a quarter before Two o'clock.