HC Deb 13 July 1877 vol 235 c1294

Sir, I have been asked by the authorities of Christ's Hospital to state that they are afraid that one observation which I made yesterday may be misunderstood. I said that I had received the Report of the inquiry which they had conducted into the death of the boy Gibbs, and they are afraid that I had not stated that I told the House that I had received the Report, but that it was too long to read in answering a Question. I may take this opportunity of informing the House that I have, in consultation with the authorities and with their consent, nominated a Committee not simply to inquire into the cause of this boy's death, but into the state, discipline, and management of this institution. That Committee consists of my right hon. Friend the Member for the University of Cambridge (Mr. Walpole), the right hon. Gentleman the Member for Bradford (Mr. Forster), the right hon. and learned Gentleman the Recorder for the City of London (Mr. Russell Gurney), the hon. Member for Berkshire (Mr. Walter), and the Dean of Christ Church (Dr. Liddell), and they will commence their labours on Monday next.

And it being now Seven of the clock, House suspended its Sitting.

House resumed its sitting at Nine of the clock.