HC Deb 12 July 1877 vol 235 cc1181-2

asked the hon. and learned Member for Denbighshire, Whether he intends to proceed with his Motion on the Burials Question on Tuesday or during the present Session?


in reply, said, he had been most anxious to bring on the Motion, particularly now that so much additional light had been thrown on the subject by the Returns moved for two years ago, but only just presented, relating to burial places. But the competition for places on Tuesdays and Fridays had been so keen that the first day he could obtain was Tuesday next, and then six hon. Members had precedence. He had hoped, thanks to the kindness of some hon. Gentlemen who had precedence of him, that he should be able to bring the subject before the House on Tuesday next, but in that hope he was disappointed. He was, therefore, compelled to withdraw his Motion simply because there was not the slightest chance of bringing it on. But he begged to give Notice that he would take the earliest opportunity next Session of bringing the whole subject before the House.