HC Deb 02 July 1877 vol 235 c601

asked the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, Whether any regulations have been adopted to control the labour traffic between the Islands of the Pacific and the Colony of Fiji, as well as the internal traffic in natives of Fiji between the various Islands of the Fiji group; if so, whether he would lay upon the Table Copies of such regulations; and, whether the proposed change of the seat of Government of the Colony of Fiji from Levuka to Suva has as yet been carried out?


Sir, an Ordinance regulating the labour traffic in the islands of the Pacific has been recently approved by the Secretary of State, and two others are now under consideration. There will be no objection to lay any or all of these Ordinances upon the Table when complete; but it will be desirable to defer doing so until they assume their final shape. As regards the change of capital, it was notified to the Governor of Fiji by telegraph on the 26th of March that Her Majesty had selected Suva as the future capital of the Colony. It is, therefore, probable that steps will by this time have been taken to carry out that decision.