HC Deb 02 July 1877 vol 235 c595

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, If it is a fact that a Mr. Palmer has been elected petty sessions clerk at Dunow, county Kilkenny. Mr. Palmer being clerk in the rent office of Viscount Ashbrook, a Mr. Hare, agent to Lord Ashbrook, being seconder of the nomination; if the above facts are truly stated, whether if it is within his power to put aside the appointment, he will do so?


Sir, I understand that Mr. Palmer, the person referred to in the Question, has been a clerk in Lord Ashbrook's office, and that his nomination was seconded by Mr. Hare. I am further informed that he is a gentleman of good intelligence and education, and that the Registrar of Petty Sessions Clerks, having examined him as to his knowledge of the duties of his appointment, considers him fully qualified to perform them. It is stated that he was unanimously elected by a bench of six magistrates, there being no other candidate, in circumstances which show that the decision was not due to politics or religion, and I see no reason whatever why I should advise the Lord Lieutenant not to approve the appointment.