HC Deb 09 February 1877 vol 232 c124

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, If it is the intention of Her Majesty's Government, having regard to the decisive majority of the House last Session, to introduce a Bill dealing with the question of the closing of public houses in Ireland on Sunday?


Sir, in the first place, I may remind the hon. Member that Notice has already been given by my hon. and learned Friend the Solicitor General for Ireland and myself of the introduction of three important Irish Bills, dealing with subjects on which early legislation has for a long time past seemed to the Government necessary, ands that the time at the disposal of the Government in this House is limited. In the second place, I observe that the hon. Member for Derry (Mr. R. Smyth) has already given Notice of his intention to introduce a Bill on this subject; and I see no reason why the Government should attempt to take it out of his hands. The Government have already shown their respect to the decision of the House to which reference has been made by their action last Session with regard to the Bill of the hon. Member for county Derry. They are prepared to adopt a similar course this year; but I shall hope by some means or other to obtain a more favourable opportunity than then presented itself for placing fully before the House the information from which it appeared advisable to the Government that the measure of the hon. Member for Derry should not be brought into full effect in the large towns of Ireland.

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