HC Deb 09 February 1877 vol 232 cc150-1

moved that the Select Committee to assist Mr. Speaker in all matters which relate to the Printing executed by Order of this House, and for the purpose of selecting and arranging for Printing, Returns and Papers presented in pursuance of Motions made by Members of this House, do consist of—Mr. Spencer Walpole, Mr. Henley, The O'Conor Don, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Stansfold, Mr. Sclater-Booth, Mr. Dodson, Mr. "Massey, Mr. Whitbread, and Mr. William Henry Smith.


complained of the constitution of the Committee, and regretted that the practice of excluding Irish Members from the composition of Committees of the House was to be con- tinued. He contended that it was desirable that every Committee should represent each section of the House. He was by no means satisfied with the composition of this Committee, and he hoped the hon. Gentleman would postpone his Motion for a day or two, for he should like to have a short conversation with him in private, in order that a satisfactory arrangement might be come to on this point.


said, he had no objection to postpone the nomination of the Committee if it was the desire of the hon. and learned Member, but he would remind him that the names of the hon. Members whom he proposed wore names that had been on the Committee for more than one Parliament, and their duties were almost nominal.

Motion postponed.