HC Deb 20 April 1877 vol 233 cc1544-5

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether there was any chance of the Universi- ties Bill being taken on Monday, and, if so, at what hour?


said, before the right hon. Gentleman answered the Question, he might be allowed to ask, What arrangement was proposed with regard to the continuance of the debate on the Budget, and whether the debate would be on the second reading of the Customs and Inland Revenue Bill? He wished also to be informed, if possible, what was to be the Business next week?


in reply, said, the last part of the Question of the noble Lord was one which the House would see he could only answer with some reserve, as much must depend upon the length of time which was occupied by discussion on matters which were brought forward. But, in accordance with the promise given last night, they must, as the first Business, resume the discussion on the Budget. They must then take either the Report of Ways and Means; or, if they could have the Customs and Inland Revenue Bill circulated in time, they would take the second reading of that Bill. With reference to the Question of the hon. Member for the University of Cambridge (Mr. Beresford Hope), Her Majesty's Government, as the hon. Member was aware, were most anxious to bring on the Universities Bill. They felt that it had been standing a long time, and that it was a great inconvenience to the Universities to have it put off from time to time. But Her Majesty's Government felt that it was undesirable to fix any time for it when they could not hope that it would be taken at the beginning of the evening. They proposed that it should be the First Order on Thursday. On Monday, after the second reading of the Customs and Inland Revenue Bill, they proposed to take the Local Budget of his right hon. Friend the President of the Local Government Board.