HC Deb 13 April 1877 vol 233 cc1070-1

asked Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, Whether his attention has been called to the difficulty experienced by traders in recovering small debts, both by reason of the distance they have to travel, the number of witnesses they have to produce, and the other legal expenses incurred often far exceeding the amount of the debt itself; and, whether he would be disposed to introduce a Clause into the Civil Bill Courts (Ireland) Bill extending the jurisdiction of justices in petty sessions in ordinary cases of debt not exceeding £10 in a manner analogous to the jurisdiction they already hold in cases of disputed wages?


Sir, my attention has been called to the subject referred to by the hon. Member, and I have had it under consideration. But I do not think it would be expedient to deal with it in the County Courts and Officers (Ireland) Bill now before the House. One of the clauses of that Bill provides that the Chairmen of County Courts in Ireland might disallow the costs in any case which it was thought ought to have been taken in the petty sessions, and it is my opinion that clause will operate in the direction desired by the hon. Gentleman.