HC Deb 28 March 1876 vol 228 cc696-8

asked the Vice President of the Council, What is the population of the Briston district; what was the nature of the final notice published in April 1875; whether the deficiency has been supplied; and, if not, why the order for the compulsory formation of a School Board has not been issued; and, whether it is a fact that the National School in Briston is not a Public Elementary School, having failed to comply with the requirement of the Act that the Conscience Clause should be hung up in the school, and the Time Table signed by the Inspector; if so, whether the School will receive a Grant for the current year, and what security there is that the National School will ever become a Public Elementary School?


The school district of Briston, consisting of three parishes, contains a population of 1,175 persons. The official notice published in April, 1875, stated that there then was no efficient school, and that accommodation was therefore required for 198 children. It went on to say that if the existing school had a certificated teacher and provided suitable buildings, and if additional accommodation was provided for 78 children, the requirements of the place would be met. The official notice stated that if the requirements of the Department were not complied with, and if the requisite accommodation was not in course of being supplied with due despatch, within a period not exceeding six months the union of the three parishes would be made and a school board would be ordered for them. At the expiration of the six months the Department, following its usual course, made the ordinary inquiries through Her Majesty's Inspector, and was informed that a certificated teacher had been appointed for the existing school, that the contract had been signed for the required additional school accommodation, and that the managers intended to comply fully with the demands of the Department. Therefore, it is obvious that in accordance with the usual practice no school board could be ordered. The Department will be informed in due course officially by their Inspector whether their requirements have been fully carried out. It is needless to say that if it is then found that the existing school is not a public elementary school—that is, has adopted the Conscience Clause, and has a certificated teacher, or that the requisite accommodation is not supplied, the order will issue for the election of a school board.