HC Deb 28 March 1876 vol 228 cc766-7

MR. FAY moved— That there be laid before this House, Returns of the names of the Valuators who have fixed the amount of the purchase money payable to the Irish Church Temporalities Commissioners on sales by them of the fee-simple to the Tenants holding under them, said Return to set forth the qualifications required for the office of such Valuators, and to give their Reports on the several holdings valued by them on behalf of the said Commissioners; and, of the names of all Tenants who have purchased the fee-simple of their holdings from the said Commissioners, specifying the denominations and acreage of such holdings, the amounts paid by each Tenant, and the amount secured to the said Commissioners by mortgage; and also the Ordinance Valuation of each holding so purchased, and the annual rent of same last theretofore paid by each Tenant to the said Commissioners or those under whom they derive. The hon. Gentleman said, he moved for these Returns because, having personally had a great deal to do with the purchase of those holdings, he had been utterly unable to find out by what principle the valuation had been granted in fixing the amount of purchase-money. In some cases it was placed at 20 years, and in others at 26 years purchase.


seconded the Motion.


said, he could not give the Reports of the valuators, as they were merely the servants of the Commissioners, upon whom alone the responsibility devolved. He should have no objection, however, to give the names of the valuators. The Returns asked for would include 5,000 names of purchasers throughout Ireland, and if all the details asked for were included, the Return would become a large volume, and could not be prepared without great trouble and expense. If the hon. Member was desirous of obtaining the information for any parish or diocese in which he was interested and would communicate with him, his request should be complied with so far as it could be done without breach of confidence to the valuators.

Motion, by leave, withdrawn.