HC Deb 16 March 1876 vol 228 c164

Select Committee appointed, "to inquire into the operation in Ireland of the following Statutes: 9 Geo. 4, c. 82, 3 and 4 Vic. c. 108, and 17 and 18 Vic. c. 103, and the Acts altering and amending the same; and to report whether any and what alterations are advisable in the Law relating to Local Government and Taxation of cities and towns in that part of the United Kingdom."—(Sir Michael Hicks-Beach.)

And, on March 31, Committee nominated as follows:—Mr. KAVANAGH, Mr. BUTT, Sir ARTHUR GUINNESS, Mr. BROOKS, Mr. MULHOLLAND, Mr. COLLINS, Mr. ASSHETON, Mr. RATHBONE, Mr. GIBSON, Sir JOSEPH M'KENNA, Mr. BRUEN, Mr. O'SHAUHNESSY, Mr. CHARLES LEWIS, Dr. WARD, and Sir MICHAEL HICKS-BEACH:—Power to send for persons, papers, and records; Five to be the quorum.

And, on April 6, Mr. J. P. CORRY, Mr. MURPHY added.