HC Deb 09 March 1876 vol 227 cc1718-9

I wish to ask you, Sir, a Question on a point of Order. I desire to know. Whether it is in accordance with Parliamentary usage that several Members should, in pursuance of an agreement among themselves, enter their names on the Notice Paper for giving one and the same Motion, in order that such Motion may be brought forward by any of the Members whose name is first called, and thus an undue priority be secured to such Motion?


According to the Rule of the House, a Member can only give Notice of one Motion, with a view to obtaining, under the Ballot, priority for such Motion. If several Members combine to enter their names on the Notice Paper, and to give Notice of one and the same Motion, that rule is practically evaded. Such a proceeding would be highly inconvenient, if not irregular; and, if persisted in, the House might feel it necessary to cheek such a proceeding by requiring each Member, when entering his name on the Notice Paper, to enter also the subject-matter of the Motion. I trust, however, that, if such a practice has existed, as has been indicated by the Question of the hon. Member for the Tower Hamlets, it has been through inadvertence; and that the House may rely on the good sense and the right feeling of hon. Members for the faithful observance of its Rule.