HC Deb 09 March 1876 vol 227 c1703

SELECT COMMTTEE—Depreciation of Silver, nominated; Parliamentary and Municipal Elections, Mr. Charles Lewis and Mr. Cotes added; Oyster Fisheries, nominated.

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—ARMY ESTIMATES—Resolutions [March 6] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—OrderedFirst Reading—Mutiny *.

Second Reading—Royal Titles [83]; Cattle Disease (Ireland) * [94].

Committee—Burgesses (Scotland) * [48]—R.P.

CommitteeReport—Telegraphs (Money) * [90].

Report—Manchester Post Office* [72–100].

Considered as amended—County Palatine of Lancaster (Clerk of the Peace) * [53].

Third Reading—Council of India (Professional Appointments)* [69], and passed.