HC Deb 27 June 1876 vol 230 cc503-4

Bill, as amended, considered.

Order read, for resuming adjourned Debate on Amendment [26th June] (proposed on Consideration of the Bill, as amended); and which Amendment was, In page 5, line 3, after the word "away," to insert the words "The justices to hear the complaint against a husband, under the thirty-third section of the Act of the thirty-first and thirty-second years of Her Majesty, chapter one hundred and twenty-two, may be other than those who summoned him to appear before them, but acting for the same petty sessional division."—(Mr. Sclater-Booth.)

Question again proposed, "That those words be there inserted."

Debate resumed.

Question put, and agreed to.


moved, as an Amendment, that a provision be inserted to the effect that Boards of Guardians might, where it was considered practicable and. expedient, grant medical relief by way of loan. His object was that when a case came before a Board of Guardians, in which the Board believed, after due in- quiry, that an applicant for medical relief was only temporarily disabled from paying the cost thereof, the Guardians should be enabled to come to terms with him, so that they might recover from him the cost of the relief administered when his circumstances permitted of repayment.

Amendment proposed, In page 6, line 34, after the word "orders," to insert the words "And any board of guardians may where medical relief is granted on loan declare that the same is so granted, and they may recover in any county court having jurisdiction in the union, or any part thereof, from the person to whom such relief is granted the reasonable cost of the same."—(Mr. Pell.)

Question proposed, "That those words be there inserted."


said, that medical loan relief was a new term, and he wished to know if the adoption of the Amendment would throw any additional duties on the medical man without compensation?


said, it was the general opinion of Boards of Guardians throughout the country and in the City of London, that powers ought to be given to them to recover the cost of medical relief granted on loan when the parties so relieved were in a position to repay the Guardians.


objected to the Amendment.


hoped the hon. Member would not press so important an Amendment at that stage of the Bill. Giving medical relief on loan might be exceedingly useful; but the question ought to be fully discussed after Notice before it was agreed to by the House.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

Bill to be read the third time Tomorrow.