HC Deb 22 June 1876 vol 230 c253

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Why the fishery harbour at Cape Clear Island, recommended by the Inspectors of Irish Fisheries, and approved of by the Board of Works, and for which the local contributions required by the Board have been raised, has not been proceeded with; and to know when the works may be commenced?


I am informed by the Board of Works that it is due to delays on the part of those locally interested in this work that it has not been proceeded with. The applicants for the grant were informed by the Board on the 22nd of January, 1875, that if one-fourth (£875) of the estimated cost of the work (£3,500) was locally subscribed, the Board would recommend the Treasury to sanction a grant of the remainder. The Board heard nothing further for more than a year, and concluded that the Memorialists were unable to collect the necessary amount. Since that date the Board have been informed, in March last, that the required amount would be forthcoming in the locality; but in the meantime the Treasury have agreed to undertake certain other important harbour works connected with the Irish fisheries, which must therefore take precedence of the harbour at Cape Clear.