HC Deb 13 June 1876 vol 229 cc1763-4

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, Whether, in reference to the fourth paragraph of Mr. Charles Henwood's Petition, in which he states that the so-called "confidential" documents were "furnished to him by the Solicitor of the Admiralty," he is satisfied and now prepared to state, not with standing "Mr. Bristowe the gentleman referred to was dead," that no grounds whatever exist, nor can it be remotely inferred, that the so-called "confidential" documents were surreptitiously obtained by Mr. Henwood; and further that the printing of those documents and the publication of the confidential reports of Sir Spencer Robinson and the honourable Member for Pembroke, were the acts solely of the Admiralty and their officers in the years 1870–71?


denied that he had ever stated that Mr. Henwood had obtained confidential documents surreptitiously. Subsequently to the publication of the Papers relating to the Captain, Mr. Henwood, who commenced an action, he believed, against the printer, obtained a subpœna against the Solicitor of the Admiralty to produce the documents in question.