HC Deb 12 June 1876 vol 229 c1664

New Writ Issued—For Pembroke County, v. Sir John Henry Scour field, baronet, deceased.

Supply—considered in Committee—Resolutions [June 8 and 9] reported.

Public Bills—Ordered—First Reading—Suez Canal Shares* [189].

Second Reading—Appellate Jurisdiction [111]; University of Oxford [151]; Army Corps Training [182]; Jurors Qualification (Ireland) [127]; Supreme Court of Judicature (Ireland) [161]; Metropolitan Commons (Barnes)* [181]; Local Light Dues (Reduction)* [173].

Considered as amended—Wild Fowl Preservation [42].

Third Reading—Local Government Provisional Orders, Aberavon, &c. (No. 7)* [164]; Tramways Order Confirmation (Wantage)* [157]; Gas and Water Orders Confirmation* [158]; Small Testate Estates (Scotland)*[145], and passed.