HC Deb 10 July 1876 vol 230 c1169

NEW MEMBER SWORN—Sir Edmund Anthony Harley Lechmere, baronet, for the Western Division of the County of Worcester.

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—First Reading—Norwich and Boston (Suspension of Writ, &c.)* [244].

First Reading—Elementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation (Cardiff)* [243].

Second Reading—Convict Prisons (Returns* [227]; Metropolitan Commons (Barnes)* [234]; General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Provisional Order Confirmation (Paisley)* [235]—(Perth) [236]; Public Health (Scotland) Provisional Order (Irvine and Dundonald)* [237]; Elementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation (Tolloshunt Major)* [238]; Local Government Provisional Orders (Carnarvon, &c.)* [239]; Provisional Orders (Ireland) Confirmation (Colcraine, &c.)* [240]; Metropolis (Whitechapel and Limehouse) Improvement Scheme Confirmation* [241]; General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Provisional Order (Lerwick)* [242]; County Rates (Ireland)* [138].

Committee—Elementary Education [155]—R.p.; Isle of Man (Officers)* [215]—R.p.; Medical Act (Qualifications) [170]—R.P.

Committee—Report—Turnpike Acts Continuance, &c.* [209]; Sea and River Banks (Lincolnshire)* [213]; Nullum Tempus (Ireland)* [167]; Legal Practitioners (Ireland)* [142].

Committee—Report—Considered as amended—Third Reading—Public Works Loans (recomm.)* [228], and passed.

Third Reading—Tramways Orders Confirmation (Bristol, &c.)* [203], and passed.

WithdrawnSale of Coal* [132]; Convention (Ireland) Act Repeal* [143].