HC Deb 26 February 1876 vol 227 cc928-9

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether it is true that an official of the Board of Works has presented to the clerks of that establishment, while engaged in their offices, a petition for signature against the Municipal Privileges Bill; and, if so, whether this has been done with the sanction of the Commissioners or the Government?


Sir, I am informed by the Commissioners of Public Works that they find on inquiry that a Petition for signature against the Municipal Privileges Bill was brought into the office of the architect of their Department by a private gentleman, handed to the architect, and, having been signed by him, was handed to other members of the architect's staff, who also signed it. The members of the staff in the other branches of the Department deny any knowledge of the matter. The Commissioners themselves were entirely ignorant of it until they saw the Notice of the hon. and learned Member's Question; and I need hardly add that it was not sanctioned either by the Commissioners or by the Government.