HC Deb 14 February 1876 vol 227 c265

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether, in addition to the Concession and Statutes of the Suez Canal Company which he has promised to lay upon the Table of the House previous to the discussion on the purchase of shares, he will also lay upon the Table of the House "the Bye-laws of the Company and the Resolutions adopted by the General Meeting of the Shareholders," to which the English nation is bound by the possession of shares?


, in reply, said, he thought his noble Friend had been misled by the use of the word "bye-laws." There were no bye-laws in addition to those included in the Concession and in the Statutes of the Company. There were, of course, a certain number of resolutions that had been passed at the General Meetings of the shareholders; but the majority of them were merely of a formal character, which it was not desirable to trouble the House with, but in preparing the copies of the Concession he would take care that any important resolution which might have been passed should be added to it.