HC Deb 11 August 1876 vol 231 c1069

asked the Vice President of the Council, Whether he has considered the desirability of affording facilities in our large towns for the grouping of schools so far as the education of pupil teachers is concerned; and, if so, whether he is prepared with that view to make any relaxation in the regulation in the new education code, which provides that a pupil teacher should receive his instruction in a single school?


Sir, as I mentioned in one of the discussions on education, the whole question of the pupil teachers is a very important one, and it is needless to say that we have considered the requests which have been made to us for an alteration in the system. No alteration in the Code can be made now to take effect before the new Code of next year. We shall further consider the subject during the interval, and shall be prepared to state our views respecting it when the discussions on the Code of next year come on. I wish it, however, to be clearly understood that I express no opinion whatever in favour of a change in the present system respecting pupil teachers under which the teachers of a school are responsible for the whole teaching and training of the pupil teachers who are under them.