HC Deb 10 August 1876 vol 231 c966

Public Bills—Committee—Cruelty to Animals* [250]—R.p.

Committee—Report—Consolidated Fund (Appropriation)*; Norwich and Boston (Corrupt Voters) [244]; Chairmen's Jurisdiction (Ireland)* [286]; Parliamentary and Municipal Registration (Boroughs) (re-comm.)* [229–294].

Considered as amended—Third Reading—Expiring Laws Continuance* [281], and passed.

Third Reading&—Bow Street Police Court (Site)* [257]; Sheriff Courts (Scotland)* [289]; Agricultural Holdings (England) Act (1875) Amendment (changed from "Queen Anne's Bounty")* [278], and passed.

Withdrawn—Local Loans (Ireland)* [231]; Public Record Office* [262]; Parliamentary Elections and Corrupt Practices* [291]; Clean Rivers* [279].