HC Deb 09 August 1876 vol 231 c874

NEW WRIT ISSUED—For Rutland, v. the Right honble. Gerard James Noel, First Commissioner of Her Majesty's Works and Buildings.

PUBLIC BILLS—Second Reading—Cruelty to Animals [250]; Norwich and Boston (Corrupt Voters)* [244]; Chairmen's Jurisdiction (Ireland)* [286].

Second Reading—Committee—Report—Winter Assizes (Ireland)* [290–292].

Committee—Report—Expiring Laws Continuance* [281]; Bow Street Police Court (Site) (re-comm.)* [257].

Considered as amended—Sheriff Courts (Scotland) [289].

Considered as amended—Third Reading—Appellate Jurisdiction [111]; Legal Practitioners* [43], and passed.

Third Reading—Suez, Canal (Shares)* [189]; War Department and Post Office (Remuneration, &c.)* [206]; Parochial Records* [283]; Companies Acts (1862 and 1867) Amendment* [211], and passed.

Withdrawn—Supreme Court of Judicature (Ireland)* [161]; Prisons (re-comm.)* [284]; University Education (Ireland)* [150].