HC Deb 27 April 1876 vol 228 cc1757-8

gave Notice that tomorrow he would ask the noble Lord the Member for the Radnor Boroughs (the Marquess of Hartington) Whether, considering that since the Royal Titles Bill was read a third time information has reached this country showing that the statement of the Prime Minister on the introduction of the Bill that it would give satisfaction to the Princes and people of India was the reverse of correct, he will endeavour to secure to the House another opportunity of considering the addition to Her Majesty's title, which it is most expedient should be assumed before the Proclamation is issued which will give effect to the Royal Titles Bill?


gave Notice that on the 28th instant, or as soon as the right hon. Member for the University of London (Mr. Lowe) should be in his place, he would ask, Whether he is correctly reported in The Daily Telegraph of the 19th of April to have spoken at a Liberal banquet at East Retford with reference to the Royal Titles Bill as follows:— I strongly suspect that this is not now brought forward for the first time. I violate no confidence, because I have received none: but I am under a conviction that at least two previous Ministers have entirely refused to have anything to do with such a change. More pliant persons have now been found, and I have no doubt the thing will be done. And if the answer of the right hon. Gentleman should be in the affirmative, he would ask whether the right hon. Gentleman will state to which Ministers of the Crown he referred in such speech; and, whether the information upon which he made such statement was communicated to him by any one holding the position of a Privy Councillor?


I think it right to state to the House that the Question of which the hon. Member has given Notice refers to matters which passed outside the walls of this House, and does not relate to any Bill or Motion before the House, and that therefore it is a Question which, according to the Rules of this House, cannot be put.

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