HC Deb 27 April 1876 vol 228 cc1759-60

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether the former Adjutants of Militia who have been gazetted to the honorary rank of Majors, and made supernumerary in their regiments(after having accepted the liberal retirement under the recent Warrant) will be called out to do duty as Field Officers during the training of their regiments this year; if so, will they draw additional pay and allowances during such trainings; in the event of their drawing extra pay, whether having three Majors will not add considerably to the charge for the Staff of the Army; and, what place on parade or in the field is the third Major to occupy?


In reply to the Question of the hon. Gentleman, I have to state that these officers will attend training if not granted leave of absence, and, in accordance with the terms of the Warrant, will receive so much of their pay as shall, with their retired allowance, amount to the full pay of the rank they hold in the Militia. A considerable additional expense is incurred; but this was duly considered at the time of preparing the Royal Warrant, and allowed as being necessary to carry out the localization scheme. The third Major will assist the other Field Officers, in accordance with the orders he may receive from his commanding officer.