HC Deb 25 April 1876 vol 228 c1625

asked the Under Secretary of State for India, Whether, as it is affirmed by the War Department that no— Memorials or Letters addressed to the Commander in Chief in India by Officers of the Royal Artillery, complaining of the mode in which the Warrant of July 5th 1872, had been carried out by the Government of India, had been forwarded to the War Office up to 25th June 1875, he can explain the Statement in Parliamentary Return, India Office, of the 6th March 1876, made by LORD Napier of Magdala in Letter dated Simla 1875, signed "P. S. Lumsden, Maj. Gen. Adj. Gen. in India," addressed to the Secretary Government of India, Military Department, in reply to an Address of the House of Commons, that such Memorials were forwarded to the Deputy Adjutant General, R.A. Horse Guards, War Office, on May 15th 1873, and to the Adjutant General, Horse Guards, War Office, 18th February 1875; whether the attention of the India Office has been called to the subject of such Memorials by the War Office since February 1875; and, if so, when; and, whether, when the Income Tax was levied in India, any calculation was made by the Government of India as to the amount of income, if any, made by officers commanding batteries out of contract allowances, and Income Tax raised upon it?


The Commander-in Chief in India corresponds direct with the Horse Guards, and I am afraid that I cannot give any information in addition to that contained in the Return alluded to; but we will make further inquiries. The attention of the India Office was called by His Royal Highness the Commander-in-Chief in July, 1875, and again within the last few days, to certain of these memorials, but whether they were signed by the officers alluded to I cannot say. We have no information upon the third Question.