HC Deb 10 April 1876 vol 228 cc1480-1

asked Mr. Attorney General, Whether he has had an opportunity of considering the Report of the Boston Election Commission; and whether, having regard to the time that has elapsed since the persons scheduled to that Report as guilty of bribery committed the offences alleged against them, he is of opinion that those persons are liable to be prosecuted under any or either of the statutes for the prevention of Corrupt Practices at Elections?


Sir, I will reply to the second part of the Question of the hon. Gentleman first. I am aware that there is a provision in the statute referred, to to the effect that proceedings cannot be taken for certain offences mentioned after the lapse of 12 months from their commission; but if a man were indicted for a common misdemeanour it would, at all events, be very doubtful whether the provision in question would be any bar to the proceedings. With regard to the earlier part of the Question, I would say that, having had a further opportunity of considering the Report of the Commissioners and the evidence on which it is founded, I have not thought it necessary to institute any prosecution in this case.