HC Deb 10 April 1876 vol 228 c1474

asked the President of the Local Government Board, If it is true, as reported in the "Bolton Journal" of the 11th of March, that the Local Government Board have decided not to make any inquiry into the outbreak of typhoid fever at Eagley, said to be caused by the consumption of impure milk; and, whether, considering that in the small district of Eagley, which is reported to be in a good sanitary state, no less than one hundred and fifty cases of typhoid have occurred, of which twelve have proved fatal, and considering the difference of opinion existing between medical men as to the cause of the outbreak, and the alarm prevailing in the neighbouring town of Bolton, the Local Government Board will make an exhaustive inquiry into the cause of this outbreak of fever?


Sir, it is not true that the Local Government Board have decided not to make any inquiry into the circumstances of the lamentable outbreak of typhoid fever at Eagley. On the contrary, I informed the hon. Member for Bolton, a fortnight or three weeks ago, that I was ready and willing to give directions for such an inquiry. The only cause of delay has been that the sanitary authorities seemed to be discharging their duty remarkably well, and that they were engaged in prosecuting inquiries of their own through the agency of their medical officer and other skilled persons. I have, however, quite recently received a communication from the sanitary authority expressing their wish that a Local Government Inspector should conduct an exhaustive inquiry, and that will be done immediately after Easter.