HC Deb 28 May 1875 vol 224 cc1008-9

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department with reference to the Petition addressed to Her Majesty and referred to him, as also affidavits and other documents and correspondence relating to the Tichborne Trial which he has considered it expedient should not be printed, Whether he will afford facilities for the inspection of the same by Members of this House who may be desirous of becoming further informed as to such Petition, documents, and correspondence?


Sir, in answer I have only to say that, putting out of the question, of course, the hon. Member himself, who knows all about it, and probably a great deal more, I have not heard even a rumour that there are any Members of this House who are desirous of becoming further informed as to the "Petition, documents, and correspondence" relating to the Tichborne Case, and therefore it is not my intention to swerve from the rule which I have hitherto observed, not to make the smallest difference in this case from any other which comes before me.


asked for an explanation of the words that he "knew all about it and a great deal more." ["Order, order!"]