HC Deb 27 May 1875 vol 224 cc924-5

asked the First Commissioner of Works, If the Epping Forest Commissioners have held any meetings since the Act continuing their powers received the Royal Assent, and if there is any prospect of a final Report being presented within the time appointed by the Act?


No, Sir; the Epping Forest Commissioners have not held a meeting since the recent Act was passed, nor will they until the Report is printed. This, I am promised by the Queen's printers, will he in my hands in a day or two. The delay has arisen from the large plans, some of them three feet in length, which are, by order of the House, to accompany the Report. With regard to the second part of the Question, the hon. Gentleman will pardon me if I am unable to pledge myself as to the production of the final Report. I will only say that the Commissioners have a year before them before the recent continuance Act will expire.