HC Deb 18 March 1875 vol 223 c17

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether he will give the benefit of the unanimous recommendation of the Royal Commission on the Master and Servant Act (to the effect that a simple breach of contract should not be criminally punished) to all persons now under punishment for that offence; and, in such case, whether he will order the immediate release of John Corry, a farm servant, lately sentenced to be imprisoned for two months in Carlisle Gaol for a broach of contract in 1873?


Sir, I am always ready to inquire into any case that is brought before me where a prisoner has been convicted, and believes he has some reason why he should be pardoned. In every particular case a very careful examination is made; and I am perfectly willing to take the step of giving advice to Her Majesty, where I feel that I ought to do so; but I must entirely decline, with the permission of the House, to answer any such general inquiry as the hon. Gentleman has placed on the Paper to-night. With regard to the prisoner John Corry, all I have to say is, that no application whatever has been made to the Home Office in his favour.