HC Deb 15 March 1875 vol 222 cc1805-6

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether, on the renewal of the Acts regulating the Linen Trade in Ireland, which are at present of a temporary character, he will be prepared in the interests of that trade to render them permanent? The hon. Gentleman also asked, If it is his intention this Session to introduce a Bill to remedy the grievances of the Civil Bill Officers of Ireland?


, in reply, said, most persons who were interested in the linen trade in Ireland seemed to think that the Acts now regulating that trade ought to be made permanent, and, therefore, unless in the meantime he received some important opinion to the contrary effect, he should introduce a Bill to carry out that object. The grievances of the Civil Bill Officers of Ireland appeared to have reference mainly to the salaries they received; but as their whole time was not employed by their official duties, and as in many instances they were employed in other avocations, it was not his intention to propose an increase of their incomes.