HC Deb 17 June 1875 vol 225 c87

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether the Police doing duty at the South Kensington Museum are paid at the same rate as the Police doing duty at the National Gallery, British Museum, and India Museum, or whether it is the case that the extra pay received by them for extra duty, and their gratuity at Christmas, still leave them with less pay than the Police employed at the other Museums?


, in reply, said, that the ordinary rates of pay to the Police employed in these duties were absolutely identical, but with respect to the gratuities paid for services they rendered the amount was optional in the several departments. While the Inspector at the British Museum received £40 a-year, the Inspector at South Kensington received only £20. The police-sergeants and constables at the British Museum, National Gallery, and India Museum received an allowance at the rate of 1s. a-day, or £18 5s. a-year, while the sergeants at South Kensington received, two of them, £15, and one £10; and the constables received £5 15s. per annum for the extra work performed by them.