HC Deb 16 June 1875 vol 225 cc1-3

said, he had a Question to ask which had reference to the Count-out of last evening—namely, Whether the Government are prepared to offer any explanation with respect to it. The First Lord of the Treasury, in asking for a Morning Sitting, said he would undertake, so far as the Government were concerned, to make and keep a House. He desired to ask the right hon. Gentleman who represented the Government at that moment, whether they desire to offer any explanation of the repeated stoppage of business by Counts-out, especially that of last night?


In answer to the Question of the hon. Member I have to say that, so far as the Government were concerned on that occasion, they entirely carried out what they had promised to the House. They were in attendance, and I think the House will agree with me that, after the House was made, it rested entirely with the Members whether they felt sufficient interest in the proceedings to keep a House.


As supplementary to that Question, and following the example of the hon. Member for North Warwickshire (Mr. Newdegate), I beg respectfully to ask you, Mr. Speaker, By what hon. Member your attention was called to the fact that there were not 40 Members present?


The hon. Member for North Warwickshire asked me a Question recently as to who was the Member who noticed that 40 Members were not present. I stated to the hen. Member, in reply, that such a question was most unusual, and I expressly made use of that expression in the hope that such a Question would not be repeated. In saying that, I wish to state to the hon. Member for Stoke that I have no desire to make this answer in any spirit of discourtesy to that hon. Gentleman; but I think it important to prevent a practice which is new, and which might lead to great inconvenience. I have no doubt the hon. Member will be enabled to obtain the information from other sources.

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