HC Deb 14 June 1875 vol 224 c1879

Resolutions [June 11th] reported.

First Six Resolutions agreed to.

Seventh. Resolution read a second time.

MR. DILLWYN moved that it be reduced by £ 2,000, the amount for scientific investigations.

Amendment proposed, to leave out "£ 29,252," in order to insert "£ 27,262,"—(Mr. Dillwyn,)—instead thereof.


defended the Vote, and explained that it was fully discussed on a former occasion, and he was sorry the hon. Gentleman again brought it forward. There was every reason to suppose that these investigations, from which great advantage might be expected to medical science and thereby eventually to the health of the nation, could not be undertaken by private individuals. The Government, therefore, considered that there could not be a more legitimate expenditure of the public money, and he trusted that, as on the previous occasion, the House would support the Government in this matter of public interest.


objected to the Vote, because there was no control over the manner in which it was expended.


thought the Government were justified in proposing an expenditure which was so beneficial to society.


, in opposing the Vote, side, that the objection was that the work should be undertaken by the Government.

Question put, "That '£ 29,252' stand part of the said Resolution."

The House divided:—Ayes 185; Noes 18: Majority 167.

Resolution agreed to.

Subsequent Resolutions agreed to.