HC Deb 03 June 1875 vol 224 cc1358-9

asked the right hon. Gentleman at the head of the Go- vernment, Whether he will give an assurance that every facility will be afforded to resume the debate on the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on Sunday (Ireland) Bill?


Sir, I cannot give the hon. Gentleman any assurance of the nature he requires. The time at the disposal of the Government to carry through important Bills, so as to endeavour to prorogue the House at the usual time is very short indeed, and to accomplish that I have been obliged to appeal to the House to give us Morning Sittings. There is a rule, certainly, that in the case of Bills which have been considered and their principle adopted by being read a second time, we should in the month of June give every assistance in their further progress. In the case, however, of Bills not thus read, as in that of the Monastic and Conventual Institutions Bill, there is, as I told my hon. Friend the Member for North Warwickshire (Mr. Newdegate) the other night, no precedent for asking the House to waste a considerable portion of precious time in discussing them. The same course applies to the adjourned debate on the Bill to which the hon. Gentleman (Mr. B. Smyth) refers, and I mean him no disrespect in saying that there is no use, as it seems to me, in carrying on debates which lead to no public benefit.


asked, after the announcement of the right hon. Gentleman, differing so very materially from that made on a former memorable occasion, Whether the Lord Advocate hoped to proceed with the Sheriffs' Court (Scotland) Bill—the only Government legislation for Scotland of any importance this year?


replied that the statement of his right hon. Friend tallied exactly with what he said on a former occasion, but he was then misunderstood. The Lord Advocate would undoubtedly bring this Bill before the House at an early period.