HC Deb 30 July 1875 vol 226 c215

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—MISCELLANEOUS ESTIMATES—Civil Service Estimates.—Class IV.—EDUCATION, SCIENCE, AND ART.

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—Statute Law Revision* [278.]

Second Reading—Unseaworthy Ships* [281]; Expiring Laws Continuance* [262]; Ecclesiastical Commission Act Amendment* [266].

CommitteePublic Health (Scotland) Act, 1867, Amendment (re-comm.)* [230]—R.P.; Local Government Board's Provisional Orders Confirmation (Abingdon, Barnsley, &c.) (re-comm.)* [241]—R.P.

CommitteeReport—Sanitary Law (Dublin) Amendment* [268]; Copyright of Designs* [270].

Considered as amended—Government Officers Security* [188].

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