HC Deb 30 July 1875 vol 226 c290

Lords Amendments considered.


, in moving to disagree with the Lords Amendment reducing the amount for which the lives of children under five years of age might be insured for from £6 to £3, said, the Bill provided securities to keep in check any tendency towards culpable neglect of young children, and the Government had evidence before them that the £3 would not in all cases cover bonâ fide medical and funeral expenses. The opinion of a large majority of hon. Members of this House on this point had been overruled by a very small majority of the House of Lords, and, under those circumstances, he would move that the Lords Amendment should be disagreed with.


hoped the House would agree with the Lords Amendment.

Motion agreed to.

Several Amendments agreed to; several amended, and agreed to; several disagreed to; and consequential Amendments made to the Bill.

Committee appointed, "to draw up Reasons to be assigned to The Lords for disagreeing to the Amendments to which this House hath disagreed:"—Mr. CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER, Mr. Secretary CROSS, Mr. Secretary HARDY, Sir HENRY SELWIN-IBBETSON, Lord JOHN MANNERS, Viscount SANDON, Mr. STANLEY, Mr. WILLIAM HENRY Smith, Sir HENRY HAVELOCK, Viscount BARRINGTON, Mr. DYKE, Mr. ROWLAND WINN, and Mr. ALEXANDER BROWN:—To withdraw immediately; Three to be the quorum.

House adjourned at Two o'clock.