HC Deb 29 July 1875 vol 226 cc169-70

RESOLUTION IN COMMITTEE—Unseaworthy Ships [Remuneration].

SELECT COMMITTEE—Report—Loans to Foreign States [No. 367].

PUBLIC BILLS—Second Reading—Chimney Sweepers* [208]; Sanitary Law (Dublin) Amendment* [268]; Copyright of Designs* [270]; East India Home Government (Appointments)* [272]; Open Spaces (Metropolis) (No. 2)* [255].

Committee—Report—Agricultural Holdings (England) (re-comm.) [222–277]; Government Officers Security* [188].

Report—Foreign Loans Registration (No. 2)*

Considered as amendedThird Reading—Militia Laws Consolidation and Amendment* [202]; Metropolitan Board of Works (Loans)* [237], and passed.

Withdrawn—Indian Legislation* [150].