HC Deb 29 July 1875 vol 226 cc170-1

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, If he will state to the House the date on which the Inspectors of Irish Fisheries made their first recommendation to the Board of Works for Loans under the Reproductive Loans Fund Act, and the date on which the first Loan was made by that Board; and, if it is true that the Board of Works has declined to propose to the Treasury a Grant in aid of the erection of a pier at Molranny, county of Mayo, although the amount of money required from local sources by Act of Parliament has been guaranteed by a resident proprietor; and, if so, on what grounds this action on the part of the Board is based?


Sir, the first recommendations for loans were received by the Board of Works on April 30, 1875. On that date six recommendations were received; four more on May 25; 139 during June; and 155 during July. Some necessary delay took place in arranging the mode of procedure to meet the requirements of this service, involving, among other things, the arrangements under which the promissory notes given in security for the loans should be executed. The first advance of money was made on the 13th of July, and since that time the Board of Works have been in communication with every one of the 304 borrowers. As fast as the promissory notes are returned signed by the borrowers and their securities the Board are issuing the loans, and have already issued 123 loans amounting to £1,839. With regard to the second Question of the hon. Member, the Board of Works have informed the promoters of the pier that they cannot at present bring this case before the Treasury until their Lordships have decided on some cases before them. It is obvious that all cases of this kind cannot be dealt with at once.