HC Deb 26 July 1875 vol 226 cc47-8

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, When it is intended to remove the anomaly in the pay of the the Colonels Second Commandant of Marine Light Infantry, whereby those officers receive 5s. per diem less than the sum which would be in proportion to the pay of the corresponding rank of Marine Artillery, and of the other ranks of their own corps, the pay of the Colonel Commandant of Artillery being 40s. per diem, and of the Light Infantry 38s. 6d. per diem, making a difference of 1s. 6d. per diem; of the Colonel Second Commandant of Artillery 26s. 3d. per diem, and of Light Infantry 20s. per diem, making a difference of 6s. 3d. per diem; and the difference in the ranks of Colonel, Captain, and Lieutenant being 11d., 6d., and 4d. respectively; whether this anomaly did not in fact originate from some clerical mistake, and, if not, what reason can be alleged for its existence; and, whether it is anticipated that the Report of the Commission now sitting on Army Promotion will throw any fresh light upon the subject?


in reply, said, he could not inform the hon. and learned Member whether the Report referred to would throw any fresh light on the subject of what the hon. and learned Member called an anomaly in the pay of the colonels second commandant of Marine Light Infantry. The only way of removing the alleged anomaly would be by the process of "levelling down;" but he did not think that that would meet the view of the hon. and learned Member.