HC Deb 09 July 1875 vol 225 cc1244-5

asked the President of the Local Government Board-If his attention has been directed to the report of the Hucknall Torkard Board, which appeared in "The Mansfield and North Notts Advertiser" of the 2nd instant, and in which it is reported Mr. William Calladine made the following statement:— That 200 inhabitants of Hucknall found their supply of water from muddy streams, 250 more were dependent on wells which did not afford a sufficient supply, and 100 more on wells contaminated and impure and unfit for use; that after every storm there was a great pollution of wells from the surface drainage, and this state of matters if it did not create disease, at least did much to propagate it and make it more malignant; and, whether, if such a statement be really correct, if the Local Government Board cannot compel the Board to take immediate steps to supply pure water to the district?


in reply, said, he had read the Report referred to, and as it appeared to have been made by the Chairman of the Sanitary Committee at Hucknall it was to be presumed that he would be the individual who had the power to rectify the scandals to which the hon. Gentleman called attention. The case, however, came under the notice of the Local Government Board towards the close of last year, in consequence of a Report from the medical officer for the district concerned, and the local authority was then informed that it was their duty to provide a proper supply of water. It appeared that shortly afterwards the neighbouring districts joined with the authorities of Hucknall with the view of providing themselves with water, and in the month of March last the combined districts instructed an eminent engineer to report on the subject. This Report was laid before the authorities a month ago, and considering that the works would involve an expenditure of between £50,000 and £60,000, he did not think that any complaint on the score of undue delay could be attributed to the local authorities. If they should decline hereafter to provide any works, it would be competent for the Local Government Board, on complaint being made, to issue an Order requiring them to furnish such supply; and in the event of disobedience to that Order, which there was no reason to anticipate, the Board would be able to apply to the Court of Queen's Bench for a mandamus to compel the execution of the order.