HC Deb 02 July 1875 vol 225 c935

The Lords acquaint this House, That Her Majesty has appointed Tuesday next, at Three o'clock, at Windsor Castle, to be attended with the Address of both Houses of Parliament on the late Election for Norwich; and that The Lords have appointed the Lord Chamberlain and the Lord Steward to attend Her Majesty therewith on the part of their Lordships; and that The Lords do desire The Commons to appoint a proportionate number of its Members to go with them. Ordered, That Four Members of this House do go with The Lords mentioned in the said Message, to wait upon Her Majesty with the said Address. Ordered, That Mr. Disraeli, Mr. Secretary Cross, Mr. Secretary Hardy, and the Comptroller of the Household do go with The Lords mentioned in the said Message.

Message to their Lordships, to acquaint them therewith.