HC Deb 22 February 1875 vol 222 cc627-8

asked the President of the Board of Trade, Whether he will give to the House the outline of the scheme referred to by him in moving for leave to introduce the Merchant Shipping Bill, and by which he proposes to give assistance to the training of boys for the Merchant Service?


The outline of the scheme referred to, to give assistance for the training of boys for the Merchant Service is to offer grants of £30, or £15 per annum for two years' training, out of the Mercantile Marine Fund—a large portion of which comes from fees taken at Mercantile Marine offices—to the managers of training ship schools for boys not less than 16 years old, who have not been committed by magistrates, and who have been apprenticed to the master of the school, and trained at least two years. Part of that time they must have worked in a sailing tender, or coasting vessel. They must also satisfy the Board of Trade as to conduct, physical fitness, and knowledge of a seaman's duties. The grant will be given on the apprenticeship being transferred to the master of a merchant ship. The Admiralty make a further proposal for such boys, relating to the Naval Reserve, which the First Lord will explain in moving the Navy Estimates. The two together, added to the voluntary contributions, will probably effect the object in view—that of supplying a large number of well-trained seamen to the merchant service.