HC Deb 19 February 1875 vol 222 c556

said, he wished to put a Question to the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Yesterday there appeared upon the Paper a Notice that the Chief Secretary would call the attention of the House to the statutes generally known as the Peace Preservation (Ireland) Acts, and move for leave to introduce a Bill. At his part of the House it was impossible to gather what had passed on that subject on the previous evening, and he found no record of it on the Votes. He therefore wished to ask, what course the Government intended to pursue on the matter?


said, he was obliged to the noble Lord for giving him an opportunity of stating his intention to the House. He intended to call the attention of the House to that subject on Monday, the 1st of March.


said, he would give Notice that on Tuesday next he would move for a Return of the names of the persons arrested in the county of Westmeath under the powers of the Peace Preservation Acts of 1870 and 1873, showing the time of detention of each prisoner, the names of those who were still in custody, together with copies of any memorials, with the signatures attached thereto, which had been presented for the release of any of those prisoners; and that on Monday he would ask the Chief Secretary whether that Return could be obtained in time for the Motion which the right hon. Baronet intended to make on the 1st of March?